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August 24th – What’s Yours is Yours

The most powerful topic to me, which like much of what I talk about doesn’t feel like a typical, traditional business topic, is the business of you.
Newsflash: you are your own business. You are your ultimate business card. If you don’t take care of yourself and treat your life like a business, you won’t be good at any other kind. So this week we’re addressing some odds and ends: things in your life that seemingly have nothing to do with personal finance but can actually have everything to do with it.
Like making time to workout. After all, your health is your […]

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What His Dating Style Says About His Money


Public Company

In short, a company that anyone can buy into. This company has already had its “coming out” party by joining the stock market via an initial public offering (IPO). The biggest advantage to “going public” is the ability to sell stock (which can make the company, its employees, and its shareholders a lot of money). But the downside is that it opens the door to increased regulations and less control for the company’s founders and majority owners.

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