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March 30th — Take the Challenge!

I spent Saturday afternoon at one of my favorite places in the entire world: the Santa Monica Steps. Whether I’m there for a workout or just taking in the view, I always get to the top of the steps with a sense of accomplishment, and being able to see (literally) how far I have come is a humbling and invigorating experience that makes me revisit them again and again.

I’ve told you before about my love for steps. As you know, my book is a 12-step program, and like other 12-step […]

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Enjoying a treat from nature

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is: Why Buying Packaged Food is Stupid

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Enjoying a day off

3 Amazing Tax Hacks

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Taxes Schmaxes: 5 Things You Think You Know About Taxes But Don’t

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Do These 3 Money Things With Your Sig-O Now

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You CAN and SHOULD Negotiate Your Medical Bills

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Spring Forward Your Moolah


Public Company

In short, a company that anyone can buy into. This company has already had its “coming out” party by joining the stock market via an initial public offering (IPO). The biggest advantage to “going public” is the ability to sell stock (which can make the company, its employees, and its shareholders a lot of money). But the downside is that it opens the door to increased regulations and less control for the company’s founders and majority owners.

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