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November 23rd – Be Thankful

I was speaking at a holiday event in LA last week when someone in the audience asked my favorite question of all time: “Yeah, I know I need to get my finances together but…where do I even start??”

I hear that question a lot, and I get it. Pulling the trigger on getting your financial you-know-what together can be scary, daunting, downright terrifying. But that’s not a good enough reason to put off your future financial destiny.

So this week, show yourself (and your wallet) some gratitude by getting organized. We’re going […]

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$$ Word Of The Week


Today’s $$ Word: Liquidity.

Liquidity: Your ability to pay now – having liquidity means you have cash. Note that even the wealthy can sometimes be illiquid if they own an illiquid asset (real estate, say) that can’t be turned into ready cash.

Interested in extending your financial vocabulary? Visit our dictionary here

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