10 Holiday Savings Ideas You Haven’t Heard Of (But Should…)

I understand; this time of year is sentimental (and prices on everything from holiday decorations to food to gifts reflect that). But it’s just not worth it to derail your budget in the very last month of the year when you’ve been so good leading up to it. Here are a few ways to shop and gift smarter this year without looking like a Grinch: Play favorites: On many apps — most notably Foursquare — it pays to keep track of your favorite places and brands. If you've checked in several times at a particular store within the last few [...]

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Holiday Tipping 101

I get it: by the time you’ve finished your holiday shopping and dropped major cash on all of the parties, shows, and a few new festive wardrobe items (caught ya!) tipping well is the last thing on your mind. But this time of year, it’s even more important to show gratitude for those whom you come into contact regularly. Just remember: the key word is “gratitude,” not “excess.” It’s all in the delivery! Here's who you should tip — and how much: Personal employees: If you have a housekeeper, nanny, personal trainer, dog-walker, or any other person who is regularly working in your home, they [...]

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5 Things Never to Buy Used

I’m all about saving some dough at the local flea market, and there is a ton of stuff that you can score for cheap used. But buyer beware: purchasing some things second-hand can actually end up costing you more in the long run—and some of these items can be downright dangerous. So think twice about picking them up at the next yard sale or passing them on when you’re finished... 1. Laptops: Laptops are prone to all sorts of abuse and problems because of their portability. That MacBook may appear like it’s in perfect condition, but do you know how many times it’s been [...]

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How to Check In on the Best Deal on Hotel Rooms

Traveling is expensive: Americans spend $137 per night on average for hotel rooms alone, not to mention food, souvenirs, and the transportation to get there. But if you're overpaying for your hotel room, it's really no one's fault but your own. With a little effort, ingenuity, and tact, you can sneak into some great deals—even on holiday weekends. But you have to ask! Here's how: 1. Don’t click—call. Before you book a room, call the hotel itself (the specific location, not the chain’s 800 number) during business hours and get an actual human on the line to see if the hotel [...]

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The Real Deal on the “R” Word: Refinancing

Refinancing is just a fancy word for negotiating a lower rate on your mortgage. The idea is to go to your bank and figure out a good give-and-take to make your mortgage repayment plan advantageous for you and for them. You might consider refinancing your mortgage if interest rates drop significantly below what you’re currently paying. It’s the same kind of feeling you get when you just bought something at full price and then the item goes on sale. If you’ve got good credit and make your mortgage payments on time, you should be able to lock in a lower [...]

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7 Ways to Make Your Commute Your B****

The idea is to make money at work; not to spend your entire paycheck getting there. Try these seven ways to cut down on your commuting expenses, and maybe even get there a little faster! Buy in bulk. Seasonal purchasing isn't limited to flowers and produce; buying your rail or bus pass by month or season can save you a lot of dough, too. Check out your town or city's public transit system and see if they have an unlimited one- to three-month pass. You typically save a few cents per ride, with more savings the more rides you purchase. [...]

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6 Ways to Negotiate a Lease Like a Boss

You probably know by now how I feel about leasing; that is, don't do it. It's a scam designed to make car companies major moolah while getting you to pay a new car price for a used vehicle. However, I get that there are some instances in which leasing makes sense: for example, if you are temporarily relocating for work, or perhaps a student heading off to school in another state. You need wheels to get around without the long-term commitment that comes with ownership. So if you must lease, just do me a favor: be smart about it. Here's how:  Add it [...]

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Why Leasing a Car is (Almost) ALWAYS a Terrible Idea

A recent Forbes survey found that purchasing a car is one of the most expensive—and most stressful—expenses in a typical person's lifetime, right up there with a home, children, and higher education. But a girl's gotta get to work, right? Just take it from me: do not lease a vehicle. Ever. Leasing a car is the biggest scam out there. You want a fancy new car but can’t afford one? Too bad; don’t lie to yourself by leasing. Instead, purchase one outright that’s within your budget. Falling into a lease trap is normal, because you think that’s what you’re supposed to do. After [...]

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Sneaky Homebuying Fees that You Never Get Back

I bet you've heard this before: “Renting is like throwing money away!” Well, I couldn't disagree more. That’s like saying that you are throwing money away buying food because when you eat it, it’s gone. Guess what? There are costs to living. And that includes the roof over your head. There are even home ownership costs you don’t get back. Buying a home is the biggest money decision you will ever make. Don’t take it lightly, and remember that it’s not about playing house. Buying a house you can’t afford can sink you into financial prison, no matter how nice it is. [...]

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The Pros and Cons of Buying a House

There comes a time in everyone’s life when the prospect of buying a house comes up. After all, it’s the American Dream! Whether it’s by relatives that (probably) have the best of intentions at heart, or friends that insist that it is the next step in your amazing adulting experience, at some point you’ll wonder if it’s right for you. I get it: buying a house is not just a financial decision. It’s safety. It’s security. It’s psychological. Symbolically it has come to represent the full transition into adulthood. But I also want you to know that for financial safety [...]

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