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I wanted to (finally) give you a money dictionary that doesn’t require a dictionary to understand the word’s definition. That doesn’t exist . . . so I made my own. You know how you explain a term to a friend who doesn’t “get” it? That’s the way it’s written here. Let this glossary be your go-to guide for definitions with a practical perspective whenever you need a little cheat-sheet. Some stuff changes over the years, but these basics never go out of style.

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NASDAQ -  NASDAQ: Short for National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations, the NASDAQ is a stock exchange, like the New York Stock Exchange. But instead of having a trading floor, the NASDAQ exists in the ether. It is tech heavy and welcomes up-and-comers.
Net Income -  An individual’s or a company’s total income after deductions, credits, and taxes are factored in. In a few words: It’s the amount of dough you’re actually bringing home.
Net Worth -  Net Worth: A snapshot of what you’re worth on paper by subtracting your liabilities (everything you owe, like credit card debt and students loans) from your assets (everything you own, like cash and investments). A positive number is nice; a big positive number is better. (See also: Bottom Line)
Network -  As they say, “Behind every strong woman is a group of other strong women who have her back.” Your network is this group of women (and men) with whom you have formed a connection to work and conspire with, and help each other in a professional (but also sometimes personal) capacity.
Networking -  Getting out there and meeting other people who can help you achieve your business goals. Remain open- minded and you never know who you might meet— or the impact they might have on your career.
New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) -  New York Stock Exchange (NYSE): Also known as the “Big Board,” the NYSE is considered the largest stock exchange in the world. Based in New York City (duh), it used to be an actual exchange featuring a trading floor and a loud, crazy, open outcry system to buy and sell stocks. It still looks like that on TV, but the dirty little secret is that it’s just for show and more than half of all NYSE trades are conducted electronically.
Noncompete -  This is a clause an employer may put in an employment contract to prevent you from working for a competitor for a fixed period of time after you leave (whether voluntarily or because you are fired), such as six months or a year after leaving the company.
Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA) -  Also known as a confidentiality agreement, this legal document tells an employee that they shouldn’t talk about confidential work stuff outside the office— and outlines the consequences for doing so.
Nonqualified Account -  Nonqualified Account: An account that gives you interest that you have to pay tax on. The most basic type of nonqualified account is an individual checking or savings account.
Nonsolicitation -  This is a clause built into an employment contract that prevents you from poaching the company’s clients and employees after you leave.