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I wanted to (finally) give you a money dictionary that doesn’t require a dictionary to understand the word’s definition. That doesn’t exist . . . so I made my own. You know how you explain a term to a friend who doesn’t “get” it? That’s the way it’s written here. Let this glossary be your go-to guide for definitions with a practical perspective whenever you need a little cheat-sheet. Some stuff changes over the years, but these basics never go out of style.

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Zombie Company -  This ill- fated company needs to be put out of its misery: it keeps trudging along and draining resources, even when it’s basically done- zo and looks like death.
Zombie Debt -  Zombie Debt: This is a debt you’ve had so long you may have spaced that you still owe it, and chances are the company you owe it to has given up on ever seeing it, too. But it can still come back to bite you if the debt gets turned over to a debt collector; those guys will hound you relentlessly until you pay up.