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New York Times Bestselling Author.Veteran Business News Anchor.Emmy-Award Winning TV Personality.

Nicole Lapin

Nicole got her start in finance at eighteen as a reporter on the floor of the stock exchange for First Business Network. She is known as being youngest anchor ever on CNN. She held the same title at CNBC where she anchored the early morning show “Worldwide Exchange” and covering business topics for MSNBC and TODAY. Nicole has served as business anchor for Bloomberg TV and a special money correspondent for Entertainment Tonight. Lapin is currently the host of the CW’s business reality competition show Hatched and contributes money reports to The Dr. Oz Show, Good Morning America, The Wendy Williams Show, Steve and Access Hollywood Live.

In 2015, Nicole started the national conversation about women taking control of their money with the launch of instant New York Times bestseller Rich Bitch. Two years later she followed with Boss Bitch, a sassy and actionable guide that encouraged those same women to find their most confident, savvy and ambitious self and be the boss of their lives and careers. Recently, she became the first-ever female winner of the “Money Expert of the Year” competition.

Nicole graduated as valedictorian from Northwestern University. She has trained with the Certified Financial Planners’ program and holds an Accredited Investment Fiduciary certification.

  • Nicole’s advice is “ON POINT” her material and delivery is current, REAL, and entertaining. Boss Bitch should be a mandatory read for all young women entering into the professional workforce. If you follow her principles I assert you will have EXTRAORDINARY results in your life!

    Lavinia Errico

  • Let Nicole be the doctor for your financial health and you will feel better in more ways than you’d think.

    Dr Oz

  • Rich Bitch should be mandatory reading for every young professional woman who wants to take control of her financial destiny. Lapin provides unfiltered, brilliant advice to a generation of women taking aim at their own success and wealth.

    Mindy Grossman

  • Nicole’s advice is a swift kick in the pants to the young, ambitious, upstart women out there who want control over their lives, debts, and careers.

    Wendy Williams

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"Because of Boss Bitch, I asked for a raise, and got it"

- Ardra L. Jones, Florida

"With Nicole's guidance, I feel much more prepared for the future with my finances"

- Kelsey Masso, Rhode Island

"Nicole motivated me to conquer my own financial goals and changed my relationship with money"

- Kierstan Taylor, New York

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