3 Questions to Help You Follow Your Dreams…ASAP!

During your relationship, you focused on your shared goals (or maybe focused too much on his goals). That’s okay, but now ask yourself: What do I want? You might have been out of the working world for a while and want to get back in but don’t know where to start. Ask yourself these questions:

What am I good at?

Focus on your strengths. If you’re great with people but don’t have a lot of experience, then look for people-friendly jobs like a barista or in retail sales. If you are detail-oriented, look for jobs like a file clerk or assistant. You can also sign up to be a temp so you can slowly ease your way back into the working world. And you might find that you have job strengths in unusual places: for example, if you are a Twitter fiend who is always up on the latest and greatest in the Twittersphere, maybe a job as a brand ambassador or social media manager is for you. Bonus points for turning side hobbies and passions into actual work!

Who do I know?

Use your contacts in your personal Rolodex—your phone contacts, your Facebook friends—to reconnect and tell them you are back in the job game. Take friends and acquaintances who work in different fields that interest you out for coffee and ask them if they know of any job openings. Follow up with a handwritten thank-you note, and you’ll be surprised how many “friends of a friend” come out of the woodwork to help you in your search.

Can I work at least part-time?

It’s a good way to ease back in. Set up an account on oDesk or Elance. Those are both sites for freelancers looking for part-time work. So, maybe a warehouse in Alaska is looking for 20 hours of data entry from someone with experience. Name your price and see if you can snag it. Oftentimes a lot of companies look to their star temps for prime candidates for full-time positions.


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