4 Boss Ideas to Invest in Y-O-U This Spring

Something I love about springtime is the renewed energy that is palpable everywhere. It’s a wonderful time to revisit resolutions that you made earlier in the year, clean up your finances, and make your health a priority. To really get into the business of you. You’ve heard me say it before but I’ll say it again: one of the best investments you can make is in yourself. Here are wonderful ways to invest in yourself this spring, so you can continue killin’ it as the superstar you are!

Streamline your routines.

Start planning things out a little more than chugging coffee in the morning once your alarm goes off and enjoying a glass of wine (or three) before bed. Are there ways you can streamline your morning and evening routines to be more efficient? Try creating a “map” for your morning and evening so that even when you’re groggy right after waking up, or exhausted after a long day at work, you have steps to follow that set you up for productivity and rest. For example, have set meals that you make for breakfast and lunch to maximize your nutrition, save money, and reserve your decision making power for more important things during the day. Decision fatigue is real, y’all–and sometimes having predetermined routines can make a huge difference in how you start and end your day.

Brush up on a skill or learn a new one.

Whether you’d like to refresh some of that French you learned back in high school, finally learn calligraphy, or take your coding skills to the next level: online courses are more abundant than ever! Take a class in something you’re passionate about. Also consider learning a new skill that’ll make you even more valuable in your profession. Try Coursera for free online classes from some of the top universities,  Brit + Co online classes for everything from learning embroidery to Adobe Illustrator, or courses from A Beautiful Mess to boost blogging and photography skills.

Get your boss lady sh*t together.

Spring is a perfect time to make sure that your work portfolio is looking fly. Make sure your resumé is up to date, and give it a facelift. If you haven’t done it yet, secure your personal url and create a website (even just a simple landing page works wonders). Order another round of business cards, or look at a redesign to fit with your site and updated resume.

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Nurture yourself.

I know I know, duh, Lapin! But let’s be honest: when things are busy, it can be really easy to run yourself a little ragged. Be sure to make time for the things that nurture and refresh you; whether it be scheduling weekly cocktails with your girlfriends, going for a bike ride every weekend, or just unplugging for an afternoon. Prioritizing the things in your life that not only keep you sane but also enrich your life is incredibly important. ‘Cause all work and no play makes Jane a dull bitch.


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