Take control and become the she-ro of your own story

I redefine what it means to be a woman who “has it all”—and shows you how to find lasting success by your own definition, on your own terms.

Is working like crazy driving you crazy? Do you feel daily pressure to keep pushing yourself even when you’re stressed and exhausted?

It’s time to stop putting yourself at the bottom of every to-do list and start taking care of yourself first. It’s time to leave Superwoman in the movies, where she belongs, and say hello to being a super woman—the best, most productive version of the hero you already are.

For years—maybe your entire life—you’ve been told that success means having it all and doing it all. But the pressure to work more and harder at “it all” is holding you back, not moving you forward. In Becoming Super Woman, I redefine what it means to be a woman who “has it all”—and shows you how to find lasting success by your own definition, on your own terms.

I candidly share my own story of career burnout and the diagnosis that prompted me to take my mental health seriously, for the first time ever. Along the way, I discovered that not only was this priority shift not a defeat, it was the key to unlock even greater accomplishments.

In my third book, I lay out an actionable, 12-step plan to guide you in taking control and becoming the she-ro of your own story, with the skills it takes to be a real super woman—skills we should (but often don’t) learn growing up, from emotional regulation and boundary setting to interpersonal effectiveness and self-care.

Becoming Super Woman shows you that it’s not success that brings you happiness, but the other way around.

The 12 steps to go from burnout to balance!

Step 1

Killing Superwoman

One Woman’s Problem Is Another Woman’s Superpower

Step 2

“Self” is My Favorite Four-Letter Word

Behind Every Super Woman Is Herself

Step 3

Have Your Cake and Eat It, Too

Define What Success Is, Then Devour It

Step 4

In Balance

Create a Points System to Measure the Weight of Your World

Step 5

Boundaries, Bitch

Just Say Yes to Saying No

Step 6

Hacking Productivity

Work Less, Do More

Step 7

Put Down the F-ing Phone

Go On a Digital Detox

Step 8

Be Mindful—Not Mind FULL

Make Mindfulness Your New Superpower

Step 9

Master the Mind Game

Get Down with Meditation and Mindset

Step 10

Find Your Tribe and Love Them Hard

Super Women Fly Best Together

Step 11

Check Yourself

Self-Care Reality Checks, Rituals, and Routines

Step 12

Be Your Own Hero

Putting (and Keeping) Yourself Together

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  • "Becoming Super Woman" shows you taking care of yourself is not just OK but the only way to succeed.

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  • There comes a time in everyone's life when we need a hero, and Nicole reminds us that the hero we seek has been inside of us all along. This book enlightens and empowers in the smart signature voice of a truly super woman.

  • Like a confidence-boosting best friend, Nicole Lapin guides you through her own mental health journey while showing you how to channel your inner badass and still save time for yourself. "Becoming Super Woman" reminds us a hero that lives inside all of us--even if we don’t know it yet.

  • The professional women I know are all highly intelligent, ambitious, and career-driven. But we're not made of steel! "Becoming Super Woman" reminds us that putting ourselves first is the most heroic thing career women can do. Read this book to help master the degree of life and achieve more success than you ever thought possible.

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  • Nicole has done it again! Her honesty and realness will make you laugh and learn like you're hearing from your smart-ass best friend.


A simple 12-step plan to leap over the wealth gap once and for all.