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How to Budget for a Natural Disaster

I can’t even imagine what it feels like for people who have spent their whole lives living in New Orleans to first go through Hurricane Katrina, and now Hurricane Ida.(Read more)

Money Guide For New Americans

As a daughter of immigrants, I feel so lucky to get to live in America. But another implication of the American Dream is that it is exactly that – a(Read more)

Investment Property Or Nah?

I get asked about investment properties more often than many other financial concepts. Apparently the word on the street (Main Street, that is) is that having rental properties is a(Read more)

#FreeBritney: The Truth About Conservatorships

By now, you’ve probably heard about the #FreeBritney movement. You vaguely know it has something to do with her father having control over her money, that she’s not allowed to(Read more)

Marriage? Give Me A (Tax) Break

So, I hear you got married. Congrats! And you’re filing your taxes jointly for the first time, and want to know more about how to do that! Is that right?(Read more)

5 Weird Ways to Make Extra $$$

Looking to make a little extra cash? Is the stimulus check not doing it for ya? I love a side hustle, I really do. But they do tend to come(Read more)

Five Money Hacks For Hot Girl/Guy Summer

Summer officially started on June 20th – and after the year we’ve had, it’s time for some fun in the sun. I always love summer, but it hits different post-pandemic.(Read more)

4 Things You NEED to Know When Apartment Hunting

Despite our best wishes, 2021 has been pretty wild so far. Of course this has had ripple effects into every industry, but real estate has been fascinating. People have new(Read more)

5 Ways to Boost Your Credit Score

If your credit report is your financial report card, then your credit score is the actual grade. And maybe your grades weren’t all that important once you got out of(Read more)

How Do I F%*king Make A Budget?!

As I’ve said before, the first step to rehabbing your finances is admitting you have a problem. And I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, okay Nicole, I’ve admitted it,(Read more)

WTF are Capital Gains

I don’t need to tell you that taxes are a big fucking deal. They can make a huge difference in making or breaking your wealth. Let’s say you made a(Read more)

How To Make An Emergency Fund

The first question about the emergency fund is, what is it for? Well, think about it. If you lose your job… or, hey, I don’t know, maybe it’s a global(Read more)

Turn Your Hobby Into a Jobby

With a side hustle, you can supplement your paycheck while also developing the talents that don’t get a lot of play in your nine-to-five. Committing to a side hustle could(Read more)

WTF Is A Dogecoin?

By now, you’ve heard of the crypto currency that started as a meme. So now we need to figure out WTF is a Dogecoin. Most people think Dogecoin is a(Read more)


So, by now you’ve probably heard about NFTs. Maybe you’ve seen the term on social media or heard your friends talk about it, and vaguely know that it has to(Read more)

Five Tax Tips For Freelancers

With the job losses and unemployment numbers this year, freelance work has replaced full-time staff positions for many people. This means that, with the gig economy already in full swing,(Read more)

New Tax Things To Know This Year

There have been a lot of personal changes the past year because of the pandemic. Some of us have moved states and taken on more freelance work. People have had(Read more)

5 Grownup Things To Do Right Now

None of us wants to think about boring, grownup stuff like wills, but being an adult is not as hard (or even boring!) as it looks! Trust me. And there(Read more)

What Should Young Investors Be Mindful Of?

A lot of us have probably become newly interested in investing, thanks to the GameStop mania the past few weeks. But if the situation taught us anything, it’s that you(Read more)

You Are Not Screwed

All I could do was try to go to sleep. That was the only thing that would cure my hunger pangs—not the kind of hunger pangs because I didn’t eat(Read more)

The Best Ways To Negotiate Medical Debt

The pandemic has been a financial hardship for many reasons. Even if you contracted Covid and fortunately recovered, some have been left with high medical bills. And because Covid is(Read more)

What The New Presidency Means For You

Big changes are happening this year—many of them because of the new presidency. The Biden Administration will affect different people in different ways, but there are some important financial changes(Read more)

How To Do A New Year Money Detox In Just 7 Days

Every January, people attempt to detox after the holidays. But usually by week two or three—and certainly by February—we’re back to our old ways: shopping, happy hours, eating ice cream(Read more)

How To Land A Job In 2021

2020 was hard. Obviously. So many people—at least 22 million— lost their jobs last year. It’s hard to fathom how and when we’ll fully recover. But the new year is(Read more)

Side Hustles With A Cause

We all know the importance of a good side hustle. Not only do they help with a little extra money, but side hustles can broaden your network, turn into full-time(Read more)

New Year, New You Money Tips

The new year is all about resetting and getting your life back on track. After the year that was 2020, a lot of us are yearning for a restart. Being(Read more)

New Year, New You

It’s that end of the year for all the boring, adult things we have to do, like HSA and IRA end-of-year deadlines. This stuff isn’t as daunting as it seems(Read more)

How To Get Your Student Loans Paid For

There are few bright spots in the world right now, but the ways in which companies and agencies are addressing student loan debt is one of them. With job losses(Read more)

A New Guide For Tipping This Holiday Season

Even though many of us are eating out less, trading our apartments for the suburbs, and working remotely, tipping this holiday season is still important—and should be exercised in full(Read more)

Five Ways Holiday Shopping Will Be Different This Year

The holidays, like everything else, look different this year. That means holiday shopping will be different too. Don’t expect to do a lot of in-store shopping as cities around the(Read more)

How To Find $100 In Your House Right Now

Finding money in your house isn’t about actually finding money in your house. As satisfying as it is to be going through your laundry to discover a forgotten $20 in(Read more)

Why I Would Rather Get COVID Than Move With PODS Again

Sometimes when you try to save money, it ends up costing you way more. And sometimes, it doesn’t only cost you more money but time, and I’ve long said that(Read more)

How To Cure Financial Anxiety

In addition to pandemic and post-election anxiety, many of us are also having financial anxiety right now. Whether it’s because of job losses during Covid or the uncertainty of the future, the(Read more)

Five Things I Learned From My Nightmare Moving With PODS

This summer, I moved from New York to Los Angeles. To make things easier on myself, I tried using PODS, a moving and storage company that markets itself as being(Read more)

How To Teach Your Kids (and Yourself!) About Money

Teaching kids about money is not easy. No five-year-old wants to sit in front of the computer learning how to do online banking or watching their parents write a check.(Read more)

Where To Put That Mani Money

When you’re thinking about how to allocate your money, remember the 3 E’s—essentials, endgame, and extras. You should be putting the majority of your take-home pay (65%) into Essentials, 30(Read more)

So, You Wanna Be An Influencer?

Social media platforms like Instagram and Tik Tok only seem to be getting more prominent and more popular. With the pandemic, we’re turning towards these platforms more than usual. They’ve(Read more)

How To Use Your Love Language To Get Ahead In Your Career

My love language is gifting, and I do it a lot. In addition to some wild gifts I’ve given over the years, I now send so many Eternal Fleur boxes(Read more)

How Dating Financial Dynamics Have Changed

Dating is a tricky business and even trickier during COVID. “Who pays the bill on the first date?” has become “if they offer to order you dinner, do you give(Read more)

How To Stretch Your Stimulus Check & Save Money

So, you received your stimulus check from the government. That’s great! You’ve gotten over the first hurdle. Now what to do with that $1,200? (if that’s how much you received).(Read more)

Getting Rid Of Bad Investments

We’ve all been there. That toxic ex whose Instagram we can’t stop stalking or continuing to buy sneakers online (even though we already have twenty sitting unworn in the closet).(Read more)

How to Keep Kicking A$$ During COVID

We keep hearing that life is “on pause,” but actually, this is a time to thrive. You don’t need to put yourself or your business on hold just because you(Read more)

How Are The Kardashian-Jenners Recession-Proof?

Every person on the planet has been affected in some way or other by the pandemic. Either emotionally, personally, financially, or all three. While everyone is dealing with it the(Read more)

5 Ways To Stop Drunk Shopping

Drunk might be funny, but it’s not cool. According to a study of more than 2,000 alcohol-consuming American adults, drunk shopping is an estimated $45 billion per year industry with(Read more)

How To Make Up $$ You Lost With Your Side Hustle

Thanks to COVID-19, we now need side hustles for our side hustles. A lot of traditional side hustles dried up when restaurants, bars, and coffee shops closed–and the uncertainty over(Read more)

You Got Furloughed, Now What?

Before the pandemic, getting furloughed wasn’t exactly a familiar situation. It still isn’t. There’s a lot of confusion about what being furloughed actually means. Do I still have a job?(Read more)

5 Ways To Job Hunt During A Recession

Let’s face it. Nobody likes to job hunt. It’s time-consuming, filled with rejection, and quite frankly, sucks. These feelings are exacerbated by the fact that chances are you aren’t going(Read more)

Your Options For Student Loans Right Now

I’m sure you have heard of “good debt” and “bad debt.” The former includes student loans and the latter includes credit card debt. It’s like “good fat” and “bad fat”(Read more)

Top 4 Myths About The Stimulus Checks

I’ve been hearing confusion all day today about stimulus checks and it’s time to set the record straight! Don’t believe these 4 myths: You need to sign up or register(Read more)

What Do These 7 Employment Terms Actually Mean?

The dialogue surrounding unemployment has almost become as daunting as the issue itself. Job uncertainty is stressful enough. Don’t let the jargon give you more anxiety. Here are a few(Read more)

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