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 #WCW:  Padmasree Warrior

The first time I met Padmasree Warrior I was smitten: by her name (I mean, c’mon!) and her brilliance.

I met her through the years I was at CNN and CNBC and grew more smitten each time. 

“Ideologically, integration is just being mindful that there more areas that are important to be aware of and it’s not necessarily an equal distribution. Work, family, self, community—I find that I get more satisfaction and am a better leader and calmer in my decision making if I am mindful of the fact that my family, myself, and my community are as important to me as work.”


Chief Technology & Strategy Officer (CTO) of Cisco Systems, and the former CTO of Motorola, Inc..

Forbes’ top 100 most powerful women

Fast Company’s “100 Most Creative People in Business”

The International Alliance for Women’s World of Difference Award

Working Woman’s “Women Elevating Science and Technology” award

Women in Information Technology International Hall of Fame in 2007

My 3 takeaway lessons from Padmasree:

1. Remember what drives you.

2. Let your life outside the office inspire and influence your work.

3. Be independent and take risks.

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