Girl Crush Of The Week

 #WCW:  Alexa Hirschfeld

Alexa Hirschfeld is one of those rad entrepreneurs that took something seemingly contradictory and created a hugely successful business out of it: ‘replicating the intricacies of physical paper products online.’

After starting Paperless Post in her parents’ living room with her younger brother, Alexa’s business now sends over 50 million cards a year and has collaborated with designers like Oscar de la Renta and Kate Spade.


“I have been able to enjoy the strides that others have made before me. I don’t want to scoff at the idea that there was sexism, but I don’t wake up in the morning and think, ‘I am a woman in tech.’ I just go to work, and my work is in technology. There are challenging days, but I’d tell people that they should really do what they are interested in and not think about their gender.”

My 3 takeaway lessons from Alexa:

1. Being mindful of being yourself wherever you are is key.

2. Sometimes the best bet is to keep things simple but special.

3.  Be interested in the best answer over your own answer.


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