Girl Crush Of The Week

#WCW: Susan Wojcicki
One of the world’s highest-ranking women in tech, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki is one of just six female CEOs at the top 100 tech companies in the U.S.–
and she is totally my ‘Girl Crush Of The Week.’
Before YouTube, Susan was $GOOG employee #16 and helped build the startup into a $400B company with over 45k employees; all while having 4 kids (she is now expecting her 5th.) 
I’m completely inspired by Susan’s ability to juggle her impressive career with her family life. I’m inspired by her mission to help women achieve their dreams, and the fact that she recognizes how important the YouTube platform has been for female creators. 
My 3 takeaway lessons from Susan:
1. Don’t overplan your life.
2. Sometimes you have to do the right thing for you right now.
3.  Learn from your setbacks.

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