#WCW: BaubleBar founders Amy Jain and Daniella Yacobovsky
You’ve gotta hand it to Amy and Daniella: they took a shared passion, recognized a hole in the fashion retail market, and turned it into gold. 
Foregoing traditional retail models, their company BaubleBar has completely shaken up the $22B jewelry business.

Both former banking analysts, Daniella and Amy have created a total online destination for fashion jewelry– at prices anyone can afford.

I think it’s awesome how these ladies made sure that their company analyzes trendy styles in order to supply items as quickly as possible—quickly making BaubleBar the go-to site for fast-fashion jewelry.
My 3 takeaway lessons from Amy & Daniella:
1. Be flexible.
2. Test your assumptions.
3. Keep an open mind.
Here’s to you, Amy & Daniella, my Girl Crushes Of The Week. 

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