Girl Crush Of The Week

#WCW: Julie Aigner-Clark

Best known as the founder of The Baby Einstein Company, Julie Aigner-Clark is a mommy entrepreneur proving that you don’t have to choose between family and business to have success and fulfillment in both.

The Baby Einstein Company became a multimillion-dollar company in less than five years, and marked the beginning of an entirely new industry: bringing the arts (like poetry and classical music) to babies and toddlers in child-friendly ways.


Now the head of Mommy Made, Julie continues to facilitate and create ways to make the world a better place for kids.  She and her husband also help create brands create new brands that bring value to non-profit organizations through Aigner Clark Creative.

Julie is my ‘Girl Crush Of The Week’ because she created an empire (started in her basement!) from a passion: the simple desire to expose children to intellectually stimulating creative content. This is so very important, and I’m so very inspired. 

My 3 takeaway lessons from Julie:

1.  It’s really important to surround yourself with people who really believe in you.

2. Doubt can be a good thing because it encourages you to question what you’re doing.

3. It’s ok to make mistakes.


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