January 5th – Happy New Year!

0102015 is the year that you are going to get your financial life together…finally. No more excuses; the time is now. Sure, budgeting sucks. But guess what? So does being broke. This is the year that you are going to reclaim your financial destiny once and for all.

And you’re not alone! I’m here to help, and 2015 is a big year for me as well. I’m so excited to be launching both my new digital home at Nicolelapin.com and my new book, Rich Bitch: A Simple 12-Step Plan for Getting Your Financial Life Together…Finally. The website features articles, videos, tools, tips and tricks—a resource for you to visit and keep coming back to as you navigate all of your money matters.

This week look out for our articles on How To: Recover from a Holiday Spending Hangover and 7 Ways to Boost Your Finances for Under $7, must-reads to start the new year off right and begin to get your finances back in control.

As for my upcoming book, Rich Bitch, I can hardly contain myself about what you are going to get out of it. A 12-step plan that really defines a path to getting a grip on your finances…in plain English. We’re going to rehab your money step-by-step. I share my own money experiences throughout—warts and all—so that you can learn from my mistakes. And I’ll teach you how to be a true Rich Bitch (hint: you can be both without being either).

Even if you aren’t a big reader, or if getting your finances together freaks you out, you can just read a chapter a month; put what you learn into action, and by the beginning of next year, you could transform yourself from financial flop to money maven! How ah-mazing would that be?

It’s all about putting what you learn into gear, and I’m here to provide the inspiration and kick your booty. It’s like a gym for your finances—and trust me, you’re gonna get a work out. But you will feel great.

And don’t forget that you can ask me anything on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using #asknicoleanything.

Let’s make 2015 your best year yet!


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