January 26th – Baby Steps

015They say it takes 3-4 weeks to break an old habit and make a new one. Well, it’s the last week of January, so you know what that means: you’ve now had 3-4 weeks to work on your New Years resolutions, and they should be habit by now. Whether your goal was to gather all of your receipts and (finally) organize your expenses, or ramping up your Roth IRA contributions to save more money for future “You,” you’re far enough along to see tangible progress.

…wait, no? Does that not apply to you? Are you still figuring out how to tackle your financial goals this year? Well guess what: that’s okay too.

I’m a big fan of baby steps. That’s why I set my book up as a 12-Step Program. If you try to take on too much too early, you are only setting yourself up for frustration, not to mention zero fun. So instead of trying to organize your expenses all at once, start by uncrinkling the receipts at the bottom of your purse; then next month, organize those receipts into labeled folders; and the month after that, enter them into your handy Spending Plan. Instead of ramping up your Roth IRA contributions too quickly and blowing the rest of your Spending Plan, start by setting your bank account to auto deposit money into your Roth IRA every month, and get those contributions as regular as possible before you make them as large as possible.

Taking these larger financial projects step-by-step will not only remove some of the anxiety, but make you feel good about the progress you’re making. Results are the best motivator. And, as always, I’m here to help! Check out my how-to videos for fun, interactive guides to getting your financial life together…finally.

Baby steps, baby.


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