February 2nd – Speak Up!

022Over the weekend, I had the huge honor to see my Super Bowl giveaway winner at the Super Bowl! What a game! She had a great time (I mean, duh) and her being there reminded me of how much more there is to living a “rich” life than money. Like many of my readers, she is a young chick who finds creative ways to make money on the side so that she can have FUN as well as being financially responsible. Love seeing that in action!

I carried my love for sports through the week with a speech at Madison Square Garden’s Bridge 2 Business Council in New York City. We waxed poetic on the future of the sports biz, including sporting events that are more experience based (most fans nowadays would rather have a sideline experience than be in a box seat, I say) and a focus on the fan as an individual (because, hey, you’re the one snapping away from the game on your instagram account!). At the intersection of sports, business, and media, I talked about finding my own voice—and how I see authenticity as the most important feature of modern day journalism. Because if we can’t speak for ourselves…who can we speak for??


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