February 9th – Bitch, Bitch, Bitch

080I spent the day in Asheville, North Carolina today meeting with booksellers from all over the country about my forthcoming book, Rich Bitch. It was a fun, jam-packed day of sharing my mission of taking control of your financial destiny and, of course, answering questions about the book. And one question kept coming up again and again:

“Why did you name your book, Rich Bitch?”

You see, for some people, the title is a stumbling block, if not at least pause for a question. But, as I explained to them, not for me.

I titled my book Rich Bitch because I’m calling out to other women who are tired of being behind in the financial conversation, to other women who believe in themselves whether they work above, under, with, or without ‘the man;’ to other women who know that speaking the language of money is one of the first steps to truly being in charge of their financial lives—which, in turn, affects every other part of their lives as well.

Since when is it a bad thing to be an intelligent, sassy, honest, powerful female that takes charge of creating the life that she has dreamed of? Since when is it a bad thing to look your finances in the eye and not be AFRAID of them? If those things mean you’re a bitch, then I’m a bitch—and proud of it.

I’m taking the word back. I’m owning it. Are you a Rich Bitch?



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