February 16th – Having “The Talk”

025Unless you were hiding under a rock (or in a snowbank, as it were) you know that it was Valentine’s Day on Saturday. Yep, the deluge of flowers, cards, and candy hearts is pretty tough to miss. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about L-O-V-E—but what I really wish people were doing this time of year was having those real conversations to ensure that love lasts a lifetime. And, like it or not, those “real” conversations come back again and again to…money.

Arguments over money are the #1 cause of divorce—before cheating, empty nesting, you name it. There is nothing that can end a relationship faster than having financial skeletons in your closet (or stumbling upon them in your partner’s). So do me a favor: before moving in together, getting married, having kids—whatever the next step might be—have The Talk.


Get it all out on the table now, so you can plan happily and transparently for the future—and avoid nasty fights that stem from “I didn’t know that’s what you wanted.”

Happy Monday, lovers!




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