March 2nd – Every story comes back to money

082Is it spring yet?? I spent one of the chilliest afternoons of my life outside in the cold earlier this week reporting outside the courthouse covering a high-profile case for The Insider.

“Wait,” you say. “The Insider? Isn’t that an entertainment show? What does that have to do with money?!”

Well, in a word: everything.

You see, every story comes back to money. Whether it’s hardcore finance or the business of Hollywood, if you want to get to the heart of any story you just have to follow the money trail.

And that’s why you’ll see me covering money stories for The Insider as well as The Wendy Williams Show (I’m her financial correspondent, by the way!) and, of course, more traditional outlets like CNN and MSNBC. As part of my mission to bring finance mainstream (and into a jargon-free zone) I aim to democratize it; and the only way to do that is by telling all money stories, not just those that move major markets. So I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that along with managing your spending and getting ahead at work I talk about taking care of yourself and even navigating your love life—because those are money stories, too.

Money isn’t just about math and scary numbers. It’s cultural, it’s personal, and it touches everything we do.

That’s my money story!



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