Why I’m Honored to Be #LikeAGirl

https://www.bestweddingveil.comEven when you’re aware that you know some pretty amazing people, sometimes they completely surprise and honor you out of the blue—like when Keith Ferrazzi wrote about me in his recent #LikeAGirl post on LinkedIn.

The work that Keith and his company, Ferrazzi Greenlight, do has always been really inspirational to me. His belief in (and support of) the fact that businesses and organizations benefit from having women–diverse women–represented on the same level as men is spot on, and resonates so soundly with many of the reasons I was moved to write Rich Bitch. When we (women) don’t take control of our own lives, we lose out. But, if we take control and find our voice, we are often perceived as being bitches. Just as Keith writes about how #LikeAGirl should be a positive comment, I’m turning “bitch” negativity into a positive while having some fun with it. If being a bitch means that you’re on top of your finances and your career, then being a bitch isn’t a bad thing; it’s a good thing. Contributing to a brainstorming session #LikeAGirl or leading a meeting like a #RichBitch are incredibly positive things: when women’s voices and opinions are heard, everyone benefits.

Rich Bitches know you don’t have to be either of those things to be both. You can be in total control of your career and finances without playing dirty, and while staying genuine and having fun along the way. I’m so humbled to be included in Keith’s article, and excited to have him help spread the Rich Bitch word.

Thanks Keith!


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