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#WCW: Hitha Prabhakar
Advisor, coach, author, television correspondent, host, investigative reporter, analyst… Hitha Prabhakar kind of does it all, and is my ‘Girl Crush Of The Week.’ I mean, she even has degrees in economics and philosophy!
I’m totally inspired by the way Hitha is constantly growing and evolving her career to adapt to the changing global retail fashion scene; while remaining at the top of her game. She is such a power woman, and definitely an embodiment of what it means to be a Rich Bitch. Plus, she knows how to keep the balance: 
My 3 takeaway lessons from Hitha:
1. It’s ok to take time out to recharge.
2. Remind yourself of what’s important.
3. Take a chance and do something different.
Hitha’s book “Black Market Billions” on retail and the black market (counterfeit Chanel, anyone?) was released in ’11 and is currently available on Amazon. You can check out more about my awesome ‘Girl Crush Of The Week’ on her website here, or Tweet her some love here!
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