March 16th – Out With the Old, In With the New

088Spring has finally sprung here in NYC, where I am taking a breather for a few days before continuing on to Florida for my book tour. Like many people, the warmer weather and newness of spring make me want to get everything in my life in tip-top shape…hello, spring cleaning!

In that spirit, I spent the weekend in upstate New York helping two young women do just that: makeover their spending habits and get out of debt. Of course like most of us, they got there with the best intentions: treating friends to little gifts, “drinks on them” at the bar, wanting to be the cool girl who doesn’t fuss about splitting the check evenly.

But here’s the thing: debt isn’t cool. And if you’re driving yourself into it to try to be cool, then you’re doing it wrong.

So this spring, I’ll help you go through your receipts and organize your expenses once and for all. Then we’ll get your important documents in order, including which to keep and which to toss before tax time.

And yes, we’ll do some traditional spring cleaning, too. Check out these useful articles and tutorials on how to get rid of your stuff (after all, do you really need two dustbusters??). You’ll be amazed at the treasures (and supplementary income) that can be found right in your closet.

Now get to it!

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