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#WCW: Lara Merriken

If you’ve ever looked for a healthy, tasty snack–or even just grabbed one before a hike–chances are you’ve tried a LÄRABAR. Founder Lara Merriken’s story of turning an idea generated during a hike into a wildly successful business is why she is my ‘Girl Crush of The Week.’


Lara embodies this cool chick entrepreneur idea that I’m super drawn to. She took an idea on how to revamp an already existing section of the food industry and made it happen; even if it meant that the first LÄRABAR batch was all baked, cut, and sealed by hand. I love how she has created and taken opportunity to have a positive impact on others.

My 3 takeaway lessons from Lara:
1. Don’t let opportunity pass you by because you don’t see it or are scared to act on it.
2. Understand the importance of a support network, and utilize it!
3. Continue to talk to and learn from those that can further your understanding of your business.

Cheers to you Lara, my #WCW!

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