March 23rd – It’s YOUR Money!

U part wigsComing off of another whirlwind week on the tour! I spent last Thursday and Friday in sunny Florida, visiting my local news friends and hosting a panel with Neiman Marcus. You know what we talked about? Money, of course! But in the sneak-attack way that I love best: through spring fashion, dressing for work, and investing in staple pieces that will pay wardrobe dividends down the road.

Because the thing is, it’s YOUR money—and sometimes, in your own sneak-attack way, you have to fight for it. Whether it’s negotiating your bills every quarter to make sure you’re getting the best rate, or finding creative ways to turn your love for fashion into tax deductions (no joke!), or simply getting organized so you can get the fattest refund Uncle Sam can muster, you need to track down every cent you can.

Just remember: it’s not free money. It’s YOUR money. So after you treat yourself to a small indulgence (like a new work bag or 10-pack of gym passes) use the rest of that tax refund to invest in yourself. Beef up your Rainy Day fund (remember: you should always have at least 3-6 months’ worth of expenses in there!), subscribe to a trade publication to get new ideas for work, or enroll in a class to learn a valuable skill. Now is the time to spring your finances forward and reap the benefits all year long.

Now get to it!


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