April 20th – Put Your Career in Overdrive

248Spring has finally sprung and it’s time to come out of hibernation in more ways than one! We talked earlier about spring cleaning your finances and getting your financial house in order for a fruitful year ahead. Well, my other favorite way to boost your finances is to make more money (hello, Captain Obvious!) and that means shaking those winter blahs and putting your career into overdrive.

Start your day off by investing in yourself, whether it’s your morning latte or subscribing to a trade magazine for work. These small indulgences will keep your budget on track while putting a little pep in your step and helping you to get ahead at work. The idea is that by spending a little money on yourself up front, you can get that raise, promotion, or new job you’ve been gunning for—and add more moolah to your bank account.

It’s also important to know your worth, both as an individual employee and as compared to others in your company and industry. I like Glassdoor for scoping how much other people are making in a given field—and then make sure you ask for the same, if not more. Self-employed? You’re still worth a lot—and here are some ways to make yourself look the part before those checks come rolling in.

Finally, if you want to get ahead, you’ve got to put yourself out there. That means putting on your big girl undies and attending networking events—and having a plan ahead of time to (tactfully) take over the room. It’s not as scary as you think as long as you do your homework and remember the little things (names, personal factoids, and always, always the assistants).

Now get out there and get ’em!



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