April 27th – Timing is Everything

formal dressesI’m wrapping up the first stage of my book tour and all of this time spent criss-crossing the country has me thinking about, well…TIME.

You see, there’s a right—and a wrong—time for everything, especially those three categories I come back to again and again: family, finance, and fun. Of course, you want to leave room for a little spontaneity in your life, but to set strong goals in each of those three areas and then make enough money to support those goals you have to pay attention to timing.

For example, you want to ask for a raise at work. Is 5:00pm on a busy Friday during a week when the company just posted dismal earnings a good time to ask? Nope. But right after you’ve received a rave review and your boss has a quiet moment to discuss your future? Bingo. In this case, waiting for the right moment makes sense as well as cents. (And BTW: timing is equally as important once you become the boss.)

Similarly, having The Talk (the financial one, that is) with your sig-o is all about timing. No one wants to feel ambushed, and you’ll set the tone for working as a productive team if you can sit down like grown adults and talk through your money history and goals together. So find a quiet time in a comfortable place, like a cozy Saturday morning at your favorite coffee shop, before dragging those financial skeletons out of the closet.

And timing extends to spending your hard-earned cash as well! There is, in fact, a best time to buy almost everything, from airfare to appliances to cars. Mark your calendar and you could save a bundle.



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