May 11th – Mind Your P’s and Q’s’m in the business of meeting new people all the time, whether out and about on my book tour, in the studio, or working collaboratively on a new project. So I’ve learned the importance of not only being on your best behavior, but being your very best self. And those two things aren’t necessarily the same.

As you probably know by now, I swear like a sailor (hello, the title of my book is Rich Bitch!). To me, it’s more important to raise a few eyebrows and be 100% genuine than to try to be something I’m not. But I also know how and when to temper my colorful personality so as not to offend anyone or detract from the project at hand. In those instances, I may not use my four-letter vocabulary but I do find ways to be familiar with everyone in the room and make them feel that they belong there.

Because even for cussing sailors like me, there are rules out there, people. And you don’t want a major misstep to have a major impact on your career. So this week, we’re talking about dressing the part, and looking and feeling like your best (and most work-appropriate) self from head to toe. We’re also kicking it old-school with that whole “treat others how you’d like to be treated” bit, which extends into the workplace, too. After all, it’s better to be respected, even loved, than feared, especially once you’re the boss lady.

…which I know you will be someday. You’re already on your way! Go get ’em, tigress.

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