May 18th – Girls on the Go average American spends nearly 4.5 years behind the wheel of a car in their lifetime. 4.5 years! That’s more time spent getting from Point A to Point B then all of your college years combined. And even in their free time, Americans spend an average of $4,000 for a family of four on vacation. I don’t know about you, but that amount hardly makes me feel relaxed. Far from it.

Our generation is more mobile than ever, commuting longer distances for work, traveling for weddings and other big life events, and trying out new jobs and new cities every 4-5 years on average. And all that time on the road can really add up.

Which is why smart bitches like you know how to game the system.

Don’t want to pay the national average of $137 per night at your next hotel? You shouldn’t—and here’s how to get a better rate. Getting hosed on airfare for your friend’s bachelorette party? You might just be trying to book at the wrong time of day and could save major moolah by watching the clock. Need a reliable (but inexpensive) vehicle to get to and from work every day? DO NOT lease; try these tips on buying used instead.

Get smart about it and you can maximize your commute and your vacation. Best of both worlds, right?


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