May 25th – Look the Part

304I don’t know about you, but I was loving the Memorial Day sales going on over the holiday weekend. A pair of classic black pumps for work marked down to $50? A structured white button-down on sale for $40 plus free tailoring? Yes, please! I’m not usually one for shopping—with my schedule, it’s easier to do it all online—but my wardrobe and my wallet came away from the weekend feeling fabulous.

In that spirit, this week is all about looking the part and using your shopping habit to your advantage. That’s right: shopping can be a great investment for both your career and your portfolio, but you have to be smart about it.

Looking for classic pieces to invest in now that will retain their resale value over time, or maybe even appreciate in value? Here are the best bets for long-term investing success broken down by designer and type.

Or, if you’re more into taking the macro view (and I’d recommend doing just that) see how shopping can help you to make better investment decisions and hit the mall to make money, not just to spend it.

Already have a closet full of clothes…but need to revamp them for the office? Don’t blow your paycheck on an entirely new wardrobe. Instead, use these handy products to take those outfits from night to day.

Studies have shown again and again that women who dress for success are taken more seriously at work, which leads to more promotions, more money, and more steps toward becoming the ultimate #bosslady. Who said shopping can’t be productive as well as FUN?


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