June 15th – Talk the Talk

I322f there’s one thing I’ve learned from more than a decade spent reporting on finance, it’s that you don’t need to know the nuances of how the market works or the macroeconomics behind the latest news headlines. You just need to know the jargon we use to speak about finance in order to join the conversation and tease out what’s most important for you—and your wallet—to take away from those headlines.

So I’m all about talking the talk, and empowering other women to do the same. I mean, hey, there’s a reason I spent so long developing a financial dictionary for the back of my book that is written, for the first time, in plain English (and BTW, you can find the same dictionary right here on the site!).

Knowing how to speak informedly about finance is crucial no matter what career path you choose. But it’s especially important when you’re creating your own path, and starting your own business. Don’t miss out on opportunities simply because you don’t understand what’s going on. And know the language so you can make sure you’re getting the best deal!

When in doubt, look it up, whether in my dictionary or elsewhere. Only when we recapture this language for ourselves can we truly look our financial destiny in the eye—and grab it by the balls!


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