June 22nd – Paying Your Dues

339I recently counseled a brilliant young woman who had been having a tough time in the dating world (for all of the reasons why it can be tough to date). But then she had encountered two different guys who had potential—who then bailed on her when she told them about the $100,000 in student debt she had after finishing her PhD.

Pretty harsh, right? Well, yes—and no. You see, there are only a few 4-letter words out there that I don’t like, and here’s one of them: D-E-B-T. It can be a major dealbreaker for your relationships and your bottom line.

So this week we’re going to talk about paying your dues in all aspects of the word. In over your head with mortgage payments? Here’s what you need to know about refinancing (and keep in mind: it is NOT some magical money solution). Can’t keep up with your medical bills? Negotiate, negotiate, negotiate to get out of that debt hole. Or if you’re on the other side, and someone you love owes you money, here’s how to get it back—the classy way.

You carry a lot of things around with you every day (trust me, I’ve seen your purses, ladies!). An enormous amount of debt—and the stress that comes with it—shouldn’t be one of them.


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