June 29th – One is the Most Empowering Number

342I’ve cited this stat before and I will cite it again: squabbles about money are the number one cause for divorce. Numero uno. Which is why I am such a huge proponent of having The Talk before you move-in, get married, or have a kid.

But even before you have The Talk, there is another money conversation that is crucial: the one you have with yourself. The knock-down-drag-out heart-to-heart with you, in which you truly come to terms with your financial situation—and where you want to go from here.

Being honest with yourself about where you are financially will not only help your budget in the short term; it will also empower you to grow that wealth in the long term, whether or not you have sig-o in the picture. So before you can enter a partnership, you’ve gotta look out for you. Do you have the answers to these three money questions? And if things do go south, do you have these documents at the ready?

Let one be your most empowering number, and if you find yourself as part of two you’ll be glad you did.


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