July 20th – Leaving Room for F-U-N

349By now, you can probably recite my budgeting breakdown in your sleep: 50% of your monthly budget should go to the Essentials (food, housing, transportation, and the like); 15% to the Endgame (savings, retirement, and other investments); and 15% to FUN.

Yes, good old fashioned F-U-N. This last one is the one that people always ask about, because very few financial experts will make room for the good things in life within your budget. But here’s the thing: making money so that you can enjoy your life is why you work in the first place, right? Rich Bitches aren’t about just getting by; they’re about making as much money as it takes to live fabulously. So go ahead, build fun into your budget! That way it’s all above board and you can get a real sense of how much money you need to live the life you don’t just need, but want.

In that spirit, we’re talking about creative ways to save on F-U-N this week. Summer living breaking the bank? Check out my ideas for saving on summer entertainment—bike rides, ball games, you name it! Want to beat the heat with cute summer outfits without spending a ton of money? That’s why I dish the latest summer deals every week for “Trendy @ Wendy” ON The Wendy Williams Show (you’re welcome). Itching to get away somewhere to cool off? Sneaky ways to save on hotel rooms, right this way!

Keep your cool—in every sense of the word.


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