July 27th – The Money Clues Around Us

357Money is about more than just the physical paper (or plastic, as it were). It’s cultural, familial, and emotional—and most of our money habits are engrained at a deeply personal level, whether we know they’re there or not! And that’s why, when it comes to money and relationships, money is the #1 cause for stress, fights, and even divorce.

You know by now that I’m all about having The Talk about your money before taking the next big step with a friend or sig-o like moving in, getting married, or starting a family. But there is a lot to be learned about your friend’s or partner’s money by simple observation, too. So this week, we’re playing detective and seeing what we can uncover about the financial habits of those we love the most (and what those habits say about us, in turn).

Trying to make a big financial change in your life, like setting a realistic budget, saving for retirement, or getting out of debt? Here are some fun ways to get the whole gang in on a spending freeze. After all, it’s easier to tackle with a little help from your friends, and if you all take on similar lifestyle changes at once, those changes will have more staying power.

Recently start seeing someone knew? There’s a lot to be learned from the kinds of dates he chooses, how he pays for things, and even the state of his apartment (seriously). Do a little sleuthing into his dating style and you might learn a lot about his finances, too.

It’s elementary, my dear Rich Bitches!


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