August 17th — On Being Genuine (and Prepared)

370I’m the first one to admit that I did all the networking things and I still chickened out when it really mattered. I’ve been ready to go in swinging and then totally choked. Once I was caught off guard by seeing a powerful woman in my field. So, naturally, like the total wimp I was that day, I hightailed it to the bathroom. Needless to say, I didn’t really have to go. I got into the stall. Phew, made it. Just gonna hang out for a while, then head back in the opposite direction of where she is.

Good plan, right? Wrong. Someone came into the restroom, but whatever…I was in my stall, trying to pee anyway (not to get too graphic). Then, suddenly, my stall door flies open! Yep, genius wimp here didn’t lock the door. And, naturally, there SHE was! The very woman I was trying to avoid. And there I was with my pants down, literally. Busted.

I wish I were joking about this story. It was one of the most embarrassing encounters I’ve ever had. In hindsight, I should have just gone over to her with my chutzpah pants on and said hello (we both knew of each other, just never really talked). Instead, I looked like an idiot.

So this week, learn from my mistakes and get on your way to networking like a pro. Work that room like you own it (in the most genuine way possible, of course) — and someday, you will!

Oh, and while we’re talking about doing your homework, let’s extend that preparedness to your love life. I’m talking about prenups, people. Here’s what it is, and why you should (maybe) have one in place before your Big Day.

From Girl Scouts to Rich Bitches: “Always be prepared!”


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