September 7th – Don’t Wimp Out!

385If you’ve opened a brokerage account and invested/are investing your money, you’ve set up a portfolio. If you are actively looking at the best ways to take advantage of each option you have . . . you’ve officially become a “real investor.” A real live investor!

I know, that’s an awesome but also scary thing. But guess what? Rich Bitches don’t get scared — they get it all.

So this week, we’re talking about growing your hard earned cash into real wealth. Step one: put on your big girl undies, because investing is not for the faint of heart. A good investor weathers the storm no matter which way the breeze blows. Have a million questions about getting started? Check out my easy peasy intro to investing here — and get on your way!

Can’t get out of the way of your own “What-Ifs?” We’ve all been there, and I have some words of wisdom for getting out of your head and into the market.

Feeling good about your investing skills so far and ready to kick it up a notch? Here’s an aggressive way to get into real estate without actually owning property (I swear!).

It’s time to grow, baby, grow! Your money, that is.


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