September 14th – Running the Numbers

397Research has shown that when we think about our future selves, our brains recognize that self as another person. Yep, our brains don’t think of the Future You as the same person as the Present You. We are detached from the older people we will become—and certainly detached from the old people we will become who will need money to live on.

Don’t think of planning your retirement and long-term investing strategy as a drag on Present You; think of it as setting Future You up for living out her days in style. It’s all you, baby. It’s time to merge both of those Yous together and plan on aging gracefully.

So this week, we’re going to take stock of our finances in the present. That starts with your credit score, that handy dandy financial report card. Wanna know what the worst score is? (Hint: it’s not 350.) Right this way for credit peril — and how to avoid it.

Next, I break down what’s happening in the market right now so you can plan for down the road. Your best strategy? Take a chill pill! When it comes to investing, long-term gains beat short-term excitement every day of the week.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the best time to start securing your future is NOW. And since Present You and Future You are now BFFs…get to it!


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