October 5th – Don’t Wimp Out!

441BOO! It’s October and I’m in a spooky mood. For fun, of course…because when it comes to your finances, there is no excuse for being a wimp.

I’ve since spent a lot of time with other women discussing their personal finances, and it turns out that many of us feel that way about our money: totally freaked out. But living in fear is no way to live. So it’s time to put on our big girl undies and address some of those fears head on. 

First up: a financial pulse check. Do you have enough emergency funds squirreled away so if you lost your job or had a major medical emergency you’d still be okay? What does your workout style say about your spending? Are you making the most of what’s in your fridge? Take my quiz to find out if you have your financial %#^$ together!

And next, how well do you handle the money scaries? What will you do if the debt collectors come a-callin’, or if your relationship goes south? We give these fears a name and then discuss how to make them go *POOF* one by one.

Tis’ the season to face our fears…so they don’t get in the way of F-U-N!




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