October 12th – Check Out My New Show!

445Big news this week from Lapin-land: my all-new business competition show premiered on the CW on Saturday! It’s called “Hatched,” and the show gives entrepreneurs the chance of a lifetime to get their products into big box retail and get advice and money from a panel of business experts (including yours truly). Check out the deets below, and tune in every Saturday at 11:00AM ET/PT on the CW for more episodes!

The Show: Every episode we feature a different entrepreneur with a consumer product in a different category – food, toys, clothes, etc. We hear their pitch, then put them through the ringer with us and then with the consumer. The ultimate judge is always the consumer; they will make or break a business.

Who’s it for? There’s something here for everyone! The show is part of the Magnificent Morning block on the CW so it’s very family friendly. There are a bunch of kid entrepreneurs on the show, as well as adults who are kids at heart. And throughout the show, there are pop-ups explaining business concepts and little quizzes to teach you money terms. It’s educational and informational programming good for the whole fam.

What are you looking for as a judge? Pitch, Package and Presentation. Is the pitch concise? I want to know: Do I get what the product is? Is there a need for the product? Is there too much competition? In terms of packaging, my co-host Freddy Cameron is the wizard on this but we want to know if the package pops off store shelves. Is it flimsy, does that make it susceptible to returns? And the presentation – how are you showcasing your product with demos to customers? Do you know your product inside and out? Your margins, which is profit? Cost of manufacturing? Sell rates? You know me — I want to know it all!

Head over to my Hatched page to learn more about the show, and remember to tune in on Saturdays at 11:00AM ET/PT on the CW!

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