October 19th – The More You Know

465I thought I was the bee’s knees of broadcast journalism when I received a big award while I was a student at Medill. It was a big, fancy shindig with bubbly and bow ties—my chance to meet some of the people in TV news whom I looked up to and admired, including the legendary Helen Thomas. Eek, Helen Thomas!! As in, the fi rst woman ever to sit in the front row of the White House pressroom. I wanted to be like her with her badass red suit. She frequently got to ask the President the first question he would take. This was akin to meeting the biggest celebrity you can imagine. She was my idol. I worked up the courage to introduce myself in front of the people she was chatting with. I proudly said my name, shook her hand and told her what an honor it was to meet her. And then the group proceeded to talk about shorting the stock market.

I smiled and nodded. I was embarrassed that I couldn’t join the conversation, but it was a topic that totally stumped me.

I have since learned to admit what I don’t know, to stop smiling and nodding and join the conversation. And that’s particularly crucial when it comes to your finances.

So this week, we’re facing those financial fears head on. First, a few financial tricks to look out for. It’s your money—so fight for it! Then, I tackle a few of my favorite financial myths and bust them so you don’t have to learn the hard way. Want to know if you have it all financially together? Take my quiz to find out! There’s nothing to be afraid of here—least of all having to ask the tough questions.


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