October 26th – Make a Plan, Woman

470Research has shown that when we think about our future selves, our brains recognize that self as another person. Yep, our brains don’t think of the Future You as the same person as the Present You. We are detached from the old people we will become—and certainly detached from the old people we will become who will need money to live on.

What are your favorite things to do: sunbathing? yoga? pottery? travel? Think of doing those things all day long once you retire. You can be a fun old lady, a chill old lady, an adventurous old lady—you can be whoever you want and do whatever you want.

As long as you have the money to do it.

When you retire, typically around age sixty-seven based on the national average, you likely won’t be getting a paycheck anymore, so you’ll be living off the money you saved up during your working life. So by then, you should have enough saved up to be able take care of all your Essentials plus all the Extras you’ve dreamed about. Here are three questions to get you started with planning for Future You.

And don’t let Present You sabotage Future You, either! The financial choices you make now will either hurt you or pay dividends down the road. Learn from the mistakes of these 7 bitches to ensure it’s the latter.

Don’t think of planning your retirement as a drag on Present You; think of it as setting Future You up for living out her days in style. It’s all you, baby. So it’s time to merge both of those Yous together and plan on aging gracefully.


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