December 7th – Make a Plan, Diane

553I was 25 years old when I first moved to New York City, and, after living in Atlanta for a few years for my dream job at CNN, I was ecstatic to be in what I felt was the center of the universe. The city was everything I had dreamed of—greasy cabs, trash piled high, the naked Cowboy in Times Square. I knew what I was getting into and loved it just the same, except for the part I didn’t think much about: money. Namely, the amount of it it takes to live in The City.

When I moved there, I was making a six-figure salary. Albeit it was a low six-figure salary of $150,000, but it felt good to say “six figures” nonetheless. I felt like a BFD (Big F-ing Deal). That is, until New York City knocked me on my financial you-know-what.

At the same time, my career was taking off in a big, major, HUGE way, leaving me little time to rest and take care of myself let alone to date and socialize with friends. I needed to revisit my long-term goals and make a plan…FAST.

That included facing some ugly budgeting truths, specifically having to do with housing. I wish I had known about these three tough realities then, but thankfully you can learn from me now!

And while we’re on the topic of making plans for the future (and any future kiddos), here’s a quickie breakdown of the difference between alimony and child support. It’s a question I hope you never have to face, but that I do get a lot in chatting with women all over the country.

Whether it’s for the good things or the bad things in life, the point is to make a plan. You can change it as frequently as you want to; in fact, I hope you do, because hey, life happens! Rich Bitches don’t wait until the you-know-what hits the fan. They come prepared.




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