December 21st – Finance can be festive!

562This time of year is all about abundance: holiday parties, decadent food, and (if you’re lucky) presents and treats to last year round. But if there’s one thing you’re likely short on this holiday season, it’s time.

Life is busy enough; you should be able to spend time with family and friends throughout the holidays, not running around for their gifts! So this week we’re saving your time (and your sanity) with some clever online tips and tricks which will have your shopping done, money saved, and even workout completed so you can enjoy the rest of what the holidays have to offer.

Heading to the mall last minute? Organize your inbox and make a list ahead of time so you’re not tempted to overspend. And don’t derail your budget on common hidden expenses like wrapping paper and (ahem) gifts to “you” from “you.”

‘Tis the season to spend smartly…and get through the holidays stress-free!


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