December 28th – New Year, New YOU!

5642015 was quite the year, globally and, well, for me personally. It was the year that saw the legalization of gay marriage and the proliferation of legalized marijuana; the rise of Isis and domestic mass shootings; Trump and Caitlin hitting the national stage; the first-ever flyby of Pluto; the death of Yogi Berra and Bobbi Kristina Brown; the fall and rise of the Patriots; and the invention of the genius app that blocks all Kardashian News.

For me, it was the year that saw the release of my first book, Rich Bitch, and national (ahem, sold out!) book tour; the launch of my new retail competition show, Hatched, on the CW; me becoming Redbook magazine’s first ever money columnist; and tons of fun events all over the country, engaging with my fans and readers and speaking the good money gospel. Phew…I was BUSY!

So now it’s time to kick off a new year of financial bad-assery, and we begin with cleaning up the money messes you made throughout the holidays (yes, I’m talking to you). There ain’t no hangover like a spending hangover. Trust me, I’ve been there. Then, as we look ahead to all of the things to come in ’16, check back on Friday for my predictions for the year to come. Written in true short/long form (just can’t take the financial journalist out of this chick!) I’ll tell you what you should forget about and what you should forge ahead with for your best year yet.

Happy new YOU, Rich Bitches!



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