My 2016 Short/Long Predictions

NL Wall Street 22015 was quite the year. It was the year that saw the legalization of gay marriage and the proliferation of legalized marijuana; the rise of Isis and domestic mass shootings; Trump and Caitlin hitting the national stage; the first-ever flyby of Pluto; the death of Yogi Berra and Bobbi Kristina Brown; the fall and rise of the Patriots; and the invention of the genius app that blocks all Kardashian News.

2016 will certainly be one a wacky and record-breaking one, too, with another potential global recession looming, the end of rock bottom interest rates, the presidential election and the Olympics.

Here are some of my predictions — financial and cultural — for the year ahead: my long/short list for 2016. And just as a refresher “long” is money speak for thinking and even betting that something is on the rise and “short” is the opposite, thinking something is on the decline and you’re betting against it. Essentially it’s a fancy hot/not list. Because I’m fancy like that.

  • short man buns/long top knots
  • short flash sale sites/long pop-up shops
  • short kimojis/long avocado emoji
  • short unicorns/long Blue Chips
  • short autonomous cars/long electric cars
  • short NFL on Yahoo!/ long NFL on Google or Apple
  • short Empire/long Fuller House
  • short bandage dresses/long onesies
  • short high-coupon bonds/long incremental interest rate increases
  • short commodities/long energy
  • short investment in Brazil/long investment in Argentina
  • short growth investing/long impact investing
  • short China crisis/long European refugee crisis
  • short boomer spending/long millennial spending
  • short Abercrombie & Fitch/long H&M
  • short equity returns/long high-yield corporate debt returns
  • short irrational exuberance/long inflation risk premia
  • short GDP growth/long full employment
  • short housing/long auto sales
  • short credit availability/long defaults
  • short FICO score/long VantageScore
  • short drought effect/long El Niño effect
  • short gluten-free/long plant-based
  • short fast food menus/long secret menus
  • short bitcoins/long really using mobile payments
  • short drip coffee/long pour-over coffee
  • short Keurig/long Nespresso
  • short Edible Arrangements/long dinners-in-a-box
  • short AirBnB/long Uberization of everything
  • short GMO fruit/long GMO meat
  • short stuff/long experiences
  • short pasta/long spiralized vegetable “pasta”
  • short turmeric/long Sriracha
  • short “synergy”/long “intrapreneurship”
  • short skinny cocktails/long beer cocktails
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  1. Andrea K January 1, 2016 at 6:35 pm - Reply

    This is great. Thanks for putting this list together!
    Couple of questions:
    1. What is inflation risk premia?
    2. Why long auto sales? With your other predictions seems strange!

    Thanks:) AK
    PS Caitlyn Jenner has a Y. Just helping a sister out from the grammar police;)

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