January 25th – Right on Track!

627For those of you who are still rockin’ your way through my New Year New You Financial Bootcamp: KEEP IT UP!! You’re already in week three, our final week, and I can see that you are killing it. I love hearing from you on social media, whether it’s to ask a question about your finances or to share your journey toward getting your financial booty in shape. Keep it coming!

And speaking of which, I joined my friend Robin Roberts on “Good Morning America” earlier this month to talk about just that: getting organized so you can make the most of your money this year. Whether you want to get your student loans in order by (carefully) consolidating them for more manageable monthly payments, or get a grip on your budget once and for all, now is the time to take charge. And, BTW, how often should you be checking said budget anyway? Right this way — don’t get crazy on me, people!

Check out the full segment below to see me spreading the good financial gospel, and I’ll see you on the other side — of Financial Bootcamp, that is!




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