February 22nd — Protect Yourself

661Research has shown that when we think about our future selves, our brains recognize that self as another person. Yep, our brains don’t think of the Future You as the same person as the Present You. We are detached from who we’ll become down the road, and that can make us pretty lax about planning ahead for that Future Us to live in style.

The thing is, there are a lot of things you can be doing right now to make life for Future You even more fabulous down the road. And that starts with caring for your money in the same way you care for your favorite pair of shoes. This week, recommit yourself to monitoring your bank statements as frequently as possible for any charges made in error, or (yikes!) legitimate fraud. If you catch these mistakes early, you can save yourself (and your credit score) from serious heartache. Here’s how to spot ’em!

Next, set your sights on readjusting your finances now. Whether it’s wrapping your mind around a basic spending plan or tackling your debt once and for all, these 6 things will help you to protect your financial future.

It’s your money. Fight for it.


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