February 29th — Say it Loud

662Have you ever wondered what you could accomplish if you only had an extra 24 hours? Well, this year, you get your chance. That’s right: today, February 29th, is a super special day, and it only comes around every four years. LEAP YEAR! So you finally do get those 24 extra hours you were hoping for. Now…what are you gonna do with ’em??

Can I make one suggestion? Get out there and vote! It’s a presidential election year, after all, and chances are your state’s primary is coming right up (it might even be tomorrow, Super Tuesday!). Do me a favor and check out this handy chart to see when you can vote in your state, and then get out there and rock the vote.

Why? Because the next leader of the free world is going to determine a lot of policy that directly affects you and your wallet: minimum wage, student loans, and taxes, just to name a few. It’s your money and your life…and as your president he or she will have a major affect on both of those things.

In that spirit, we’re covering politics this week to find out what this election means for you. We’ll also look at what this election means for the candidates—and how much they’re spending on their respective campaigns. (You thought your budget was difficult to balance??)

Make me proud, Bitches.


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