How To: Save Major $$ Rocking the Vote!


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I get it: as a boss-lady-in-training, you’re super busy. But this election is going to determine a lot of policies — from taxes to student loans — that will have a huge impact on your wallet and your future. So no excuses: gotta get out there and rock the vote! From the best hours to hit the polls to apps that help with finding parking nearby, here are some ways to make sure you get there without putting a major dent in your paycheck:

1. Make sure your voting registration is up to date: Double check your registration status here to make sure you’re registered to vote and streamline your election day experience. You can also figure out what type of ID is needed in your state when you go vote, and where your closest polling location is (because it’s not always the same for every election).

2. Plan ahead: Since election day occurs on a non-holiday Tuesday, keep in mind that many voters with 9-to-5 jobs will be voting before work (7am-9am), on a lunch break (11am-1pm), or after 5pm. If possible, plan to avoid those peak times (for example, by taking a coffee break between 1:30pm and 4:30pm instead of going over lunchtime). Look into participating in early voting or by mailing in/dropping off your ballot to avoid long lines at the polling station.

3. Get your app on: If you’re driving, try apps like Parker or ParkWhiz to easily find and pay for parking near your polling location. Or, coordinate a carpool with friends/neighbors using Hitch-A-Ride or Poolmyride. Uber and Lyft also make it super easy to split a fare with your friends as you head out to vote in style, and sometimes have promotions offering free rides to the polls for first time users.

4. Keep an eye out for deals! In addition to promotions like those mentioned above, there are sure to be plenty of Election Day deals you can take advantage of. Lots of bars and restaurants will be offering extended happy hour pricing or two-for-one deals, especially if you’re proudly wearing your “I voted!” sticker. After exercising your rights as a citizen, you deserve a drink, right? Just make sure it’s accounted for in your spending plan for the month!

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